Netpicks Looks To The “Lock And Walk” Strategy

The Summer months can be difficult for any investor to navigate as they set out on a course taking on the markets when they can be at their most difficult and choppy. Netpicks is an Online trading strategy Website and educational tool that looks to take advantage of the many different options open to the individual investor to finding a successful strategy to become a success in even the most difficult markets, including the use of the so-called “lock and walk” strategy popular with investment specialists during choppy periods for the markets.

Netpicks believes when the choppy markets become the norm it is best to seek out short term gains instead of the long term strategy usually developed by the trading strategy Website. The basic idea behind the “lock and walk” strategy is to look for investment options offering limited resistance and support, buying near support and selling near resistance is recommended for those seeking to profit from a “lock and walk” strategy; all investors can take advantage of this investment strategy that states, when problems and losses begin to mount, the individual should step away and close down their investing options for the day.  Check this to read and learn more about Netpicks from the words of Soberman..

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Netpicks is a program developed to allow any person to learn about the best possible options open to them for exploring the world of the investment markets and developing their own career as a financial specialist. Useful info on   Learning how to compete on the markets with a range of investment strategies is the aim of Netpicks as the company employs real-life trading specialists who have the ability to bring their knowledge and experience to the students they teach about different strategies.  Read this review about the product on

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Netpicks was created by investment and financial specialist Mark Soberman in 1996 as a way of bringing his own experience and knowledge of the markets to novice investors who often feel they have no place in the financial markets. Mark Soberman has been trading for over 25 years and has 17 years of experience in educating new investors on the options open to them on the markets.  More to read here.

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