Netpicks Has a Strategy for Every Market Season

Everyone knows that market sentiment is fickle, to say the least. One minute every thing is rosy until a piece of bad news hits the market and sentiment changes on a dime. Netpicks has developed a quality trading strategy that takes advantage of the summer doldrums.

Summer often brings more languid trading conditions and the sentiment can be quite a bit weaker. This can result in choppy, range-bound trading patterns. That’s where Netpicks utilizes their strategy which is ideal for such a time. Investors or traders can benefit from these frustrating conditions by being proactive and anticipating these circumstances in the market.

The “Lock and Walk” strategy put forth by Netpicks is based on support and resistance. It involves tracking the tech-heavy Nasdaq index and trading the ETF with the stock symbol QQQ. These are the top 100 stocks in the index; it is highly liquid and a great trading vehicle.

During the summer slow down these support and resistance levels often get stronger and traders can capitalize on this tendency. So the strategy follows the market when it bounces from these key levels. Netpicks is fully prepared to trade the breakout as well. One more thing, Netpicks targets small gains due to the nature of summer trading conditions.

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