How Netpicks can help you through unruly market conditions

In contrast, of a noticeably aggressive and arrogant trading streak shown by the market, we can now observe a sense of caution that is encircling wall street. However, due to this sudden change of attitude, the market has now become choppy and unpredictable. This can put many investors in a bind, unpredictable stock charts can require the average trader to switch up their style. Therefore, we have developed a simple strategy to overcome this uncertainty within markets such as NASDAQ and NYSE.

Unfortunately, the summer months are a helpless victim of these unruly circumstances. Generally, a remarkably low volume of trading has occurred throughout the summer, however, as we learn more about these rocky conditions, the chance for a profit increase by the second. Primarily, the strategy we will focus on is “the lock and walk”, this technique will allow you to profit off of these erratic market conditions.

The rules are simple to follow.

If QLD’s support is tested, aim for resistance to sell

If the support breaks, proceed to sell QLD

If QID’s resistance is ever tested, target support to sell

Once the resistance finally breaks, sell QID

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