Doe Deere’s Impact on the Makeup World


The creator and owner of her own company, Doe Deere is making an impact in the cosmetic world. She appears to have a determination to show the world that cosmetics do more than just hide imperfections, but are a form of self-expression. Her company Lime Crime has become successful across the world. Her products and style are changing the way people look at cosmetics.

Doe Deere began her life in Russia, but spent most of her childhood in the United States. She has a past that is rooted in sewing and her idea for a makeup brand goes back to those sewing days. Bright and unique colors were (at that time) hard to come by in the cosmetic world. Deere wanted makeup that would complement her current wardrobe. She saw a necessity for a colorful makeup brand. She started her company Lime Crime in 2008. Unicorn Lipsticks was formed just a year and turned into one of the most unique brands on the market.

Lime Crime was focused on being vegan from their start. Just a few years after beginning the company made all their products reach this standard. Deere meets daily with her creative director to go over projects and strategize. Doe is responsible for all her cosmetic products. She is very hands on with her company. Her husband and partner-in-lime-crime, Mark, is the biggest influence on her.

As someone who once started out really small and achieved success on their own terms, Doe Deere is inspired by and supports female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. She has done a lot of work to help female entrepreneurs succeed in their fields. She has stated that she was extremely proud of giving a speech entitled “Don’t Quit Your Daydream” at PHAMexpo in Los Angeles, California, to a group of future entrepreneurs .

The world of makeup and cosmetics is an evolving area. Doe Deere clearly saw a need in this field for uniqueness. Her products have changed the way people look at makeup. Furthermore she has been an example for females hoping to make it in the world of business. Her impact will be felt for some time to come.